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Random News and Updates 7.13.2016
So the Olympics are coming. What Olympiad is it anyway? I'm not caught up. I don't have the stamina I once had so I'll see what happens as we get closer.

I wasn't really into the sumer movie season as you can see. Was just into Game of Thrones which I watched through the sticky HBO Now thing on my computer. Life is so weird now. Since I had it I also rewatched Angels in America which was imo the best thing that ever appeared on TV until GoT. We shall see when GoT is over how I feel about that. I should porbably do separate posts for both.

I need to update a couple of my lists. Especially my favorite people list. Every once and a while when I'm on the bus or something I think of someone I probably didn't include and then by the time I get home I forget all about it. I still need to redo my all-time favortie movies list. I know. I know. Yeah, I gotta get my shit together.

Emmy nominations are tomorrow morning. Hope I remember to wake up. Fingers crossed for Bloodline, Shades of Blue, and Fargo. Game of Thrones will get all the wrong nominations I'm sure. 


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