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Movies in backwards order 2017 (a new beginning)

Split – Shyamalan is back! I wasn’t sure for most of it. Because you always hear there’s a twist, which you kinda know with him. But it still makes you wait for it, so I’m sitting there thinking well, no this isn’t a twist maybe they didn’t get from the commercial that this was going to happen… oh wait TWIST! TWIST! lol It’s not really a twist though. Imma call it a reveal. Anyway it’s makes a pretty good movie nearly awesome. I really like most of his movies that I’ve seen. I drew the line with that killer tree movie. And I didn’t watch what followed but before that I thought he was gong to make my short list for favorite directors. Well we’ll see what’s next. Hopefully this signals refound mojo. The cast was great, except, for about half of it I was thinking McAvoy should have stayed in his lane. But let’s just say he grew into the role as he went. Buckley I did think was a bit much. The girls were great though. And the one guy who keeps getting typecast as creeps, at least every time I see him, still seems cute to me. I dunno. But you know watching all the subpar Oscar movies this year and then seeing this relegated to January when it’s made by a real director is sort of maddening. I’d really like to see another new movie from him right now.


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